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14 December 2018 0 By rootmaster

ETA Canadian Visa Application

For those from visa-exempt states, touring Canada meant getting your plane tickets and jumping into the plane. There is nothing complex concerning going to Canada and there definitely was no requirement for a Canadian visa application.

On the other hand, the rules have altered. If you’re visiting Canada and you are from a state that will require a visa to enter the country, then you definitely still have to comply with the Canadian visa prerequisites prior to being granted entry to the nation. If you are from a visa-exempt place, you are going to require an electronic Travel Visa (an eTA) for your next vacation to Canada – how to get a Canadian visa.

What exactly is eTA to Canada

An eTA to Canada, also known as an electronic Travel Visa to Canada is a travel permission that’s specifically for those who are traveling to Canada through air. This is for foreign
people who are from visa exempt areas. This implies that as a foreign citizen from a visa-exempt country, although you don’t require a Canadian visa application, you’ll still have to get some permission of some sort before you are able to gain entry into the state. This consent is the eTA. So how exactly does the eTA Visa to Canada Work?

The eTA is linked to the passport of the foreign national and has a validity of 5 years. It also immediately terminates in case the passport will become invalid before the five-year period comes to end. By having an eTA, you can gain multiple entry into Canada as many times as you want for short stays. It is significant to state here that an eTA does not approve automatic access into Canada. Regardless of the fact that you’ve got an eTA in your possession, you would still be necessary to provide the appropriate files to the officials of the border service.
This signifies that if you would have to accomplish all of the requirements to confirm that you’re permitted to be in Canada.

Who are able to make application for an Electronic travel authorization to Canada?

There are groups of travelers who need an electronic travel authorization to Canada. The very first category is composed of those vacationers who are required an eTA and these involve people from foreign nations that don’t require a visa to Canada. Among this group is individuals who are legally resident in the US. It’s important to remember that this group of travelers don’t need an eTA when vacationing by automobile into Canada. This is mainly for entry by traveling by plane.

The second group covers some individuals from places that aren’t visa-exempt. This group may be able to get into Canada by air on merely an eTA, nevertheless they will need a legitimate visa if they’re entering the nation by any other means of travel.

Canadian citizens or those with permanent resident status don’t have to make an application for an eTA to visit into the country at all, but they need valid identification.
People who are not from visa-exempt countries don’t need an eTA. All that is required for such visitors is their valid visa and also travel documents. And naturally, US citizens are not necessary to obtain an eTA.

How to make application for eTA Canada

The application procedure is quite easy and has to be done online. When you are sure that you will be going to or through Canada, then you have to submit your online eTA Canada application. Make certain you get all the relevant documents along with you before you begin your application. After you have completed the online form, the next thing is to wait to hear back from the Canadian officers.