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How you can Get a Myanmar Eta Visa

What are the requirements for the visa myanmar

In 2011 the Myanmar government implemented the Eta Visa program to enable travelers to enter the country effortlessly and to bring in more guests to the place. Several of the requirements for the eVisa are that all nationalities are eligible to obtain an Eta Visa from Myanmar, nevertheless the applicant need to have a valid passport for six months prior to getting into
. The Myanmar government also requires that applicants pay the Immigration Office at just two areas available in the nation, Yangon Airport, and Mandalay Airport.

There are a few limitations that come with the Eta Visa such as visitors have to make accommodations in government accredited accommodations and could not visit restricted places. Travelers who intend to stay with loved ones must tell the government and lodging they have booked accommodations at, that they’ll be with family members. Vacationers who have the Eta Visa need to bring a necessary sum of money into the country also. Visitors should bring at least 300 dollars, and travelers who want to stay with loved ones need to bring no less than 600 dollars.
Tourists are needed to take two pictures, and also evidence of a return ticket and a scanned first page of their passport.

Visa Types and Length of Stay

Among the benefits of obtaining a Myanmar Eta Visa is that there are many classes of visa, all which have various expectations and durations for the length of the vacation. A traveler can get a tourist visa, which is not subject to obtaining an extension and is only valid for twenty-eight days. The three kinds of visas which are extendable are the business visa, social visa, and also the transit visa. The business visa permits the applicant to stay for about seventy days in Myanmar and do business like making connections, going to training and looking information regarding businesses. The social visa allows guests to stay for twenty-eight days and allows the visitor to relish the unique history of Myanmar and go to family and friends. Visitors on the social visa are visiting the country in the classic sense that they are taking pleasure in the sites and scenes of Myanmar’s social venues. Visitors on the transit visa are permitted to be in the nation for a period of twenty-four hours and must be in transit between Myanmar and another place. This type of visa is typically utilized when the visitor needs to have a layover in the airport for either a connecting flight or airport delays.

It’s important to note there are rules when getting an Eta Visa in Myanmar and individuals who overstay the visit in Myanmar are subject to disciplinary action, including being asked to leave the country or pay a three-dollar fee for overstaying, every day. All pertinent information is needed to submit an application for and get a Myanmar eVisa, and if the information changes, applicants are subject to being rejected based on the information that has changed. The ideal feature about applying for a Myanmar Eta Visa is that it only requires a few minutes to apply online, and then a response as to whether it’s been accepted is immediate. The visa itself will be provided to the applicant in just three to four days, as well as the applicant will then have obtained the Eta Myanmar visa.